Jess’s 240g Discus Community Tank

Brief Tank Description

240 Gallon Discus Community Tank


What Filter System Do You Use?

Tsunami Sump


What Heating System Do You Use?



What Lighting System Do You Use?

Fluval Aquasky


What Fish Do You Have In Your Tank?

5 Reds, 4 Blues, 3, Yellows, 1White


What Plants Do You Have In Your Tank?



What Makes Your Tank Unique?


My tank is unique because the discus are of mixed age. I have four that are 3 years old and 7 that are under a year.
My tank has a few “rescue” fish (see Albino Plecos) mixed with fish that like to school (Silver Dollars and Rainbows).
My older Discus have graduated from a 150g to the 240g and are thriving!



What Do You Like Best About Your Tank?

I love sitting by the tank, chilling, with cool lighting that makes the fish pop with color!


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