Tranquil Oasis

Brief Tank Description

250 gallon planted tank


What Filter System Do You Use?

30 gallon planted sump with bio balls and sponge media


What Heating System Do You Use?

1000w titanium


What Lighting System Do You Use?

 2 Raiions controlled via EcoSmart Live Reef Link


What Fish Do You Have In Your Tank?

1 red snakeskin, 1 orange snakeskin, 2 blue snakeskin, q turquoise blue, 1 yellow snakeskin, 1 albino red discus, 3 silver hatchets, 12 cardinal tetras, 3 white neons, 3 head and taillights, 3 chain link loaches, 3 zebra loaches, 2 gungeons, 1 orange bristlenose pleco, 1 gold nugget pleco, 1 snowball pleco, 2 farowella, 1 royal farowella, 2 roseline sharks, 1 SAE, 1 panda Cory, 1 black Cory, 4 bamboo shrimp, a bunch of ghost shrimp and snails


What Plants Do You Have In Your Tank?

Too numerous to list.


What Makes Your Tank Unique?

It is a tank with a large bioload that is filtered mainly by the plants and biomass in the tank.


What Do You Like Best About Your Tank?

It is very relaxing to sit and watch the diversity in the tank. The wide range of fish and other livestock with the plants allows there to be many interesting changes all the time.


  1. Jeff

    Very nice tank. That is a very busy tank, it looks like a lot of work.

  2. Jeff

    That is a beautiful aquarium!!

  3. Mike

    I like the variety of colors in the tank.


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