Justin’s Aquarium

Brief Tank Description

125 Gallon Discus Tank


What Filter System Do You Use?

SunSun 304B X 2


What Heating System Do You Use?

Two Digital Water Heaters


What Lighting System Do You Use?

Over Aquarium LED Lights


What Fish Do You Have In Your Tank?

6 Discuss, 1 Neon Tetra, 1 Tetra, and 1 Albino Plecostomus


What Plants Do You Have In Your Tank?


Three sets of underwater bamboo.



What Makes Your Tank Unique?


I installed a filter system for my whole house and also one additional filter for a line that is plumbed directly to my aquarium for regular water changes.  I also placed the aquarium in a position where there is natural light and clean it at least once a week.  The water is also filtered at 600 GPH and has natural sand for a substrate.



What Do You Like Best About Your Tank?

Discus swimming gracefully through an acrylic tank that shows their colors vividly.


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