“Deforestation Discus Aquarium “

Brief Tank Description

Prostar rimless V200 Peninsula aquarium


What Filter System Do You Use?

Sump 45 gallons with Jebao 10K


What Heating System Do You Use?

Finnex 500


What Lighting System Do You Use?

Ai prime freshwater


What Fish Do You Have In Your Tank?

13 Discus fish


What Plants Do You Have In Your Tank?


Submerge plants : Cryptocoryne undulata, Red Wendtii , Green Wendtii.

Micro Swords

Dwarf Sagittaria

Emerge plants:

ferns , photo,moss, air plants, Freddie Calathea, orchid  ,Philodendron red



What Makes Your Tank Unique?


Nothing has a bigger presentation impact than placement, in other words how the tank is positioned. This fish tank is designed to be viewed from three sides. From a purely interior design perspective, this peninsula tank is a great way to divide a large open space into a room and create a dramatic focal point as a room divider. The configuration that I have made simulates a deforestation jungle, with long and small vertical tree trunks, a terracotta sand that gives life to the colors of the discus giving a perfect contrast with some plants that make this configuration perfect for the discus fish Keeping this aquarium in my home invokes an atmosphere of peace and serenity.



What Do You Like Best About Your Tank?

In our busy lives, we all need to relax, spotlight and restore our minds. In my personal experience I would say this fish tank can arguably serve as a calming distraction. Looking into the tank and observing its inhabitants helps me forget about present worries for a moment and is a way to relax and release stress after a busy day at work. Having this “ piece of nature “ at home is not just a positive feeling but adding a passion to my live.


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