125 Oasis

Brief Tank Description

125 gallon discus and rainbowfish tank


What Filter System Do You Use?

Cascade 1000 and 1500, 660 gph AIO and two 55g sponge filters


What Heating System Do You Use?

HiTop 300w


What Lighting System Do You Use?

NiCrew Full Spectrum


What Fish Do You Have In Your Tank?

14 Discus, 5 rainbowfish, and a L190 pleco


What Plants Do You Have In Your Tank?


Limnophila Hippuridoides, anubias nana, java fern, frogbit, salvinia, and Amazon sword



What Makes Your Tank Unique?


I did hours of research and dedicated my time to learning how to keep discus. As a first time owner, I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished.



What Do You Like Best About Your Tank?

I try to use as little chemicals as possible. Only thing I use is prime and stability.


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